Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Cool! So excited! Fall Grapes!

So have you ever seen grapes growing on the vine?

Like before they got picked and put in those bins and sent to the grocery store? Yeah, me neither. Seeing that I'm living in the wine country and it's harvest season I was beginning to think they* were making it all up. You know, maybe grapes are really grown on a truck, or they fall from the sky...hmm, that may be a bit messy to clean up...
Anyways, I saw them for the first time today! They're telling the truth I swear (see even I was starting to not believe them!
It was amazing! My mom and I were on the way back from Sacramento on the most gorgeous freeway (one that wraps through some of the prettiest vineyards) and I suddenly started seeing big purple bushels hanging from the bottom of the vines!
We immediately pulled over and I got out and ran over to take pictures (I had to show all my bloggy buddies of course!!)

It really was one of the coolest things and totally made my day!

The Proof:

* They refers to those people, you know the ones, the people who tells us facts growing up and later down the line, looking back we have no idea who told us it. Those people who expected us to believe these facts without giving us the cold hard evidence. Yeah, those ones.

Hoping your day is full of happiness thats as good as grape juice!



JC said...

Great pic! They look yummy. We used to have concord grape vines when I grew up. I miss those things!

Kerri said...

How funny that you had never seen them before! I remember my great grandparents having grape vines.
I grew up in new Mexico and the state bird was the road runner. I told my friend I had never seen one and when they pointed one out to me I was shocked. It was the size of a small chicken or so. I always thought they were people sized like in the bugs bunny cartoons.