Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And the Countdown Begins!

60 Days, 2 Hours and 36 Minutes from now, I will be walking across a stage as a show of my completion of last five years and four schools worth of work.
My college graduation. 

 When did this happen? 
My senior thesis (on children with Gender Identity Disorder and the effects that the American binary system of male and female has on them) was finished last semester.
I'm fervently applying to jobs across the country while trying to end the last few classes I'm taking on a high note. 
The real world is racing toward me and (while scared pant less) I'm getting excited about the brand new adventure that I'm about to embark on. 
Saturday, I got back from my spring break roadtrip to Southern CA and Disneyland from the moment I arrived home until now (three days later) I've been doing nothing other than going to classes and writing cover letters and resumes to send off in hopes of hearing back from someone.
And after these last three days I'm just wanting someone to say, "Yes"!
Most places have said that they'll make decisions in late April or May, so I'm patiently (haha!) awaiting the email/call about the fate of my future. 
When did I become an adult...?
(This was taken last Sunday in San Diego)