Friday, March 20, 2009

The R-Word

Every day I come across this word. It's become an overused word in many people in our society's everyday vocabulary. I'll simply be having a conversation and people around me will speak it. Every time I hear it, I shudder. 
I have had the immense pleasure in my life to come across some beautiful people with disabilities. From Autism to Down Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy these are people who seem to shine even brighter than the average person. 
These people work incredibly hard to get by in their lives and deal with much of society looking down on them, the people facing more discrimination than most of us will in our lives, treating them as though they don't understand.
They Do.
These people deserve respect as much as the next person. They understand so much more than many give them credit for. They're doing what we're all are, trying to succeed in life.
There is no reason to treat others with disrespect. None at all. And when the "R-word" is uttered, that respect gets thrown straight out the window.
So I'm taking a stand along with so many others. 
To End The "R-Word".
People fear what they don't understand. So many use this word unknowing to how they're affecting someone, may it be friend, family or the person with a disability.
So we need to educate.
This word has no use other than as a medical diagnosis. We don't go around calling people by their medical diagnosis'. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've never heard someone called Diabetes, have you?

I'll leave you with the motto of the Special Olympics [in which all the athletes have disabilities],
"Let me win but if I can not win let me be brave in the attempt"

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