Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Medical Update And A Frustrated Me

Note: If you have a suggestion, a comment, anything, I'd love to hear it..I'm at my wit's end.

I thought I'd hit a home run when a week and a half ago I noticed there was lactose in one of my medications that I took numerous times daily (I can't have any dairy.) I called the pharmacist and had them look up the rest of my medications for evidence of lactose as well.
7 or 8 of the 11 came out positive with lactose usually being the second or third ingredient. I am apparently one of the few people who are so incredibly sensitive to food allergies that that small of an amount of lactose effects me-big time.
So, once again I thought that I was in a great place. I now knew of the situation, could stop taking those medications and start taking ones that didn't have lactose.

Heh, not so much. Each and every batch of medications has different inactive ingredients, even if it's the same medication. The cheapest at the time is always bought. So there is no way for the doctor to know the ingredients before prescribing them. It's purely a guessing game. And not a fun one at that.

Lactose is used in 98% of tablets (medications in pill form) as a bonding agent. There's no way to separate the medication from the lactose. Therefore, there are no options for me in many medications.

I was able to get two of my medications in liquid form (and may be getting a third one soon) but one of them must be refrigerated and the others I rarely take at home. For example, I have anxiety and panic attack disorder. I don't think I've ever had a panic attack when I was at home near my refrigerator. So in theory, yes I still have a couple of the medications but in reality, chances are I won't have them when and where I need them.

I am at such a loss of what to do at this point and just want to scream. I'm supposed to go on a road trip with my sister on Monday down to Disneyland but am currently, constantly in so much pain and discomfort and have no medical relief in sight that I'm getting scared.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or even know of anything herbal for nausea (even morning sickness!), anxiety, stomach pain, dizziness or cramps I'm willing to take any advice or suggestion or bit of hope and hold on with all my might.

Thanks for letting me do my little rant. I'm now off to sleep.

Oh! P.S. I'm taking my first driving lesson tomorrow (yes I know I started late, I've also had my permit for 6 months now) and I'm really nervous. If you wouldn't mind wishing me a bit of luck that would be amazing. =]

G' Night and Sweet Dreams.


Kelli said...

Wow how frustrating...I'm so sorry. I hope that there is a solution to this asap. Wish I could help. :(

Casey's trio said...

Hi Krissy,
I'm sorry to read that you are having so many problems with your medications and I hope that you are able to find a resolution. I also wanted to thank you for sending the 4th of July jelly bellies...they were a big hit with my daughters:)

Kerri said...

My sister is dathly ill from morning sickness and taking the strongest perscription for it and is still very sick. My Mom suggested she dring peppermint tea and it has actually helped quite a bit. If I were you I would go get a book about herbs. I have a great on epacked away. I should find it and let you know what it is called. But, you should go toa health food store and see what you can find out. I really believe that herbs work. Good luck!

Divaeva said...

hmmm - anything with ginger or peppermint to settle your tummy (works for me anyway)
A motherwort tincture may also help with your anxiety or nerves - especially for women.... other then that I suggest you pack a cooler with lots of ice - toss your liquid meds in there and jump in the car! I do that - 'cept it's with my ice cold grey goose ;) also - try checking out my friend Rose's blog - she will give you all the herbal advice you are looking for :)

Rachel said...

So sorry. :(

Is there a compounding pharmacy near you that could make your meds without lactose?

Good luck with your driving test!

Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

Hope you get this all figured out and feel better soon. Good luck with your driving test. I'm sure you will do well. You are such a capable young woman.

Janna Bee said...

Ugh, I am sorry you feel so sick. Hope you get better soon. I wish I had some ideas... I know many people say gingerale helps, it's never helped me, but it might help your nausea.

The Redhead Riter said...

So sorry you are having it rough.

When I'm nauseated I:
-eat pickles
-eat crackers
-drink gingerale
-suck on salted lemons

It is a marvelously Super Saturday!
Sending blog ♥
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

a_healthier_me said...

Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your meds, I can only imagine how frustrating that is.
I find the peppermint teas, and ginger work for me, and also aloe juice (which doesn't taste all that great, but can help with stomach issues). Good luck!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Tanielle said...

I'm so sorry!! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope there will be a solution soon! Take care, and good luck with the driving!

I'm thinking of you!