Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back in Tahoe - 4th of July Weekend

So I'm in Tahoe! I arrived yesterday afternoon. My mom and I had gotten up early and we hit the road by 8 so that we'd get up here in time for a boat ride on the lake with my dad. We'd made perfect time and were around 15 minutes away and suddenly all the cars were stopped on the side of the mountain and people were getting out of their cars and just walking around. I got out and asked the lady in the car in front of us if she had a clue to what was going on and she informed me that her husband was a few cars ahead and had told her there had been an accident. Every so often the line of cars would slowly creep forward and then stop again. An hour later, we'd missed the boat trip but were finally steadily moving along. In that hour, I'd also realized that my camera had gotten left behind at the house so all I had was my tripod and my little point-and-shoot. Shoot.
That also means no fireworks pictures for the Fourth or pictures of the lake.
I'm glad I at least have my little camera!

I'd planned on making a post last night but came to find out that the internet at the house turns on at 8:30 in the morning and suddenly shuts off sometime in the afternoon/evening. Heh. Good to know!

My mom, dad and I, in lieu of the boat trip, went down to one of the creeks where it pools to create a fairly deep hole and went swimming.
It's beautiful, I really do miss waking up to huge beautiful trees right outside my window and feeding the Stellar Jays peanuts off the deck (which my mom has been entertaining herself with all morning!).

We also went to the grocery store, and I saw around 15 people I knew. (Yeah, Tahoe really is a small town!) A few I'd even been really good friends with. There was even one who was talking to me in the store that I'd sat on the bus with for two years! And one who I'd been in dance class with for the last 4 years!
Only one recognized me though. He'd been in my French class in high school.
It feels so strange. Unfortunately, it really reminded me why I left Tahoe.

So today, my dad's at work and my mom and I are going to try and pack up as much of the stuff that's still left in this house as we can.
We want to be packed by the end of tomorrow as we have to load the truck up on Saturday and would love to have a day to just spend playing around and relaxing up here. =] We'll see if we can accomplish the impossible to be able to do that. I sure hope so!

I'm off! Got to get packing!

By the way! I wanted to mention that April Showers is creating an organic site that will talk about all things "going green". I've entered to be one of the 6 main contributers and am hoping to be picked! My fingers are crossed!


Kerri said...

Good luck with the packing! That organic blog sounds fun. Hope she picks you!

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hi. Have a great day! Love your blog!