Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Fall!!

Happy Fall!

This is such a wonderful time of year! I love the summer but I really enjoy all the changes that fall brings. I'm excited to see Fall here in the wine country for the first time! So far, each season has brought such uniquely different and yet wonderful beauty!
Last Fall I was living in Virginia, enjoying being in a place where, for the first time (well for me anyways!) I got the immense pleasure of watching the leaves turn every color imaginable and then drift gently, floating through the air as the leaves began to fall. Ahh, and the perfect crisp, crunching sounds of feet walking through the piles of leaves on the ground.

Walking to class today I passed a tree and saw these beautiful leaves where the sun's rays were shining through the branches, lighting up every vein from above.
Today I also got the incredibly smile causing surprise when I went out to the backyard and found that the sunflower's (that Eva gave me the seeds for) first bloom opened up!
It's going to be a wonderful Autumn!!

Fall 2008

(First Day of) Fall 2009

Here's to a season of absolute beauty!!
Happy Fall!!



Tricia said...

Happy fall! Are you feeling better?

Divaeva said...

OMG I so feel ya! I love the leaves, the colors, the smells, the crisp chill in the air - wow - I am just so in love with Fall! Everything about it makes me happy! I am loving the new profile photo by the way - sexy lady!!! Hope you are feeling better! *hugs*

Barbara Jean said...

You take beautiful pictures.
thanks for sharing them

barbara jean

Cynthia said...

Krissy - I am ready for a great autumn too.