Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Two Year Angelversary Jessi <3

It's been two years Jess.
Two years since that fatal night in the crash when your life was stolen far too soon.
Two years since this world lost a beautiful 16 year old girl.
Two years since you were given your wings.
Two years since I lost my childhood best friend.

Two years have gone by but not a single day has passed that I havn't thought about you and missed you with every fiber of my being.

I miss you sweet girl.
I hope you're dancing and laughing with the butterflies today.
Love you always. <3.

Jessica Lynn Stephens, October 26 1991 – January 9, 2008 



Anonymous said...

Nice to see you in blogland!

Kele said...

I didn't even know Jess but I have tear filled eyes.
She is beautiful, as are you and your rememberance of her in this post!
Prayers for you and her family on the difficult anniversary of her death.

The Princess said...
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The Princess said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Dancing with the butterflies does sound nice though. :)
Love you,

Unknown said...

What a heart breaking piece! Stopping by from SITS!

InspiredDreamer said...

So sad that you had to lose someone so precious to you. I have never heard "angelversary" before but I think it's quite fitting. May you find peace today.

Tricia said...

Sorry for your loss.

Heckety said...

Angelvarsary- that's lovely! I'll call Feb 16th that in future as that's when my best friend died (from cancer) five years ago...miss her too. Grief is a journey really and it helps to mark anniversaries, and what you wrote is lovely. Thank you.

Rachel Lundy said...

So sweet and so sad. I'm sorry for your loss.