Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've Fallen in Love...

Meet Shayna. 
Shayna means beautiful and that she is.
She's my brand new Ashland guitar.
I'm in love.

My mom bought a guitar at the age of eighteen and as much as I wanted to get hers repaired so I could play it, it was more cost effective to buy a new one (though I will still get hers repaired someday).
I've been wanting to learn to play the guitar for years and am so excited to finally be presented with the opportunity to do so!

Shayna is a steel string acoustic guitar and with one of the smallest body sizes and fits me perfectly.

So far I can correctly and successfully play one chord which I'm excited about. 
Haha, the simple pleasures.

I bought her on the 15th, so she is my Valentine's beauty.

For Valentine's day I sent out 43 Valentines in the mail along with 4 packages that were swaps (though havn't received any of the swap packages in return from my partners yet, fingers crossed that they come! I've already had to deal with swapping and not having anything come in return which dampens the excitement of swapping.). I've received a bunch of cards (and stickers which I LOVE) and have so enjoyed running to the mailbox everyday for the last month and finding such wonderful surprises!

Valentine's Day weekend I went to a conference at my church with around 100 youth and adults 13-20 years old. It was incredible meeting so many new people, having beautiful and powerful midnight worships and just being surrounded by so much love. 
Valentine's Day didn't go quite as planned because the "Valentine" I was supposed to get together with ended up being sick and had to cancel.
I'm just glad that they're now feeling better!
My godmother is here for the weekend so I'm off to spend my last night with her and will update more soon!

Now for pictures!
Shayna <3

Buying Shayna..

These are some of the things I sent out...

Happy week behind and week ahead!



Jingle said...

Congratulations on your first guitar! I'm sure you will spend lots of wonderful times together!

Shannon said...

Krissy! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I am excited to get to know you a bit through yours! Have an awesome day and enjoy that beautiful guitar!!!