Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Alive!

I've severely neglected my blog over the past couple of months due to the exhaustion of working 60 hour weeks and commuting 3 to 6 hours a day.

I applied a couple of weeks ago to a college and got in! 
And now I am writing this from my new dorm room (I moved in two days ago)!
Everything has moved at lightning speed!
School starts Wednesday and I have orientation until then.

I'm so excited to have this part of my life feeling like it's moving forward towards reaching my goal!

I'm a "Hawk" and Liberal Studies major with an emphasis in Special Education at Holy Names University.

HNU is co-ed and a very small school (500-600 undergrads and around 1,100 students in all) which I love.

From the looks of it, this year is going to be amazing!!


Divaeva said...

Hey beautiful - you sound so happy!
That is absolutely fanastic that thinks are moving forward for ya!
Best of EVERYTHING - you deserve it! mmmwah!

Kelli said...

Awesome! Have a great time in school!!! I start back on Monday myself.

Anonymous said...


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Michelle said...

It is amazing how quickly things happen sometimes. I know someone who went to HNU, and I so hope you have a great experience there. I'm guessing you've been busy with no updates since then!