Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Dance Final and My Trip to the Emergency Room

So I performed my one minute solo-self choreographed for my Modern dance class on  Wednesday. This is a video (off the TV playback-sorry about the lines on the video-they go away while it's playing)
I was supposed to perform the corrected form of the dance yesterday as well but due to the fact that I couldn't move my head, this version of the dance was graded instead.

I had an acupuncture appointment that I went to yesterday at around 2:30pm and was turned away as I had a temperature of 102.6 and a pulse of 130. 
After calling the Kaiser advice nurse I was sent off to the Emergency Room with symptoms of the abnormal vital signs (fever and pulse) and not being able to turn my head at all. I also felt as though when I was walking, that my body was disconnected and not real.

I was there from 3pm until 9pm (although until 4:30 I was just in the waiting room).
They got my fever and pulse down by pumping me with Morphine, Phennergan, Naproxin and Tylonol. They also did a CT scan on my neck but found nothing.

They still don't know what's wrong with my neck (I can't bend down, move or turn my head-even blowing my nose kills my neck) but because the vital signs were back to normal (apparently I have a UTI  [urinary tract infection] which they think was causing the abnormalities) they allowed me to come home.
(Along with a round of antibiotics and a prescription for Percecet.)
Unfortunately the 102.6 fever came back again today. Hopefully It'll go away soon!

Because of my trip to the ER, I missed a final for my American Sign Language class. My sister brought my teacher a note saying why I wasn't there.
Unfortunately I can't get ahold of him now. He's deaf so I can't call him and his email address has sent me 2 failure to deliver/wrong email address so I'm at a loss of what to do now!

I also tried calling admissions and records but they just suggested I call or email him! Ugh! I finally got the phone number for the woman in charge of the building where the class takes place but she didn't pick up. I also was given an email address (no idea who it's for though) so I emailed the problem to the unknown person.

I'm really hoping this all gets figured out soon! I'm supposed to have completed all my finals by the class period I had tonight!


Megan said...

Ugh! No fun! I hope your stiff neck feels better soon and your fever goes away.

Sounds like it's nearly impossible to get a hold of your teacher so I hope that gets resolved asap as well. Good luck!!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry you're so sick right now. I hope your fever goes away for you soon. Feel better.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I hope you feel better soon. Any talk about doing a lumbar puncture? Don't know why that popped into my head...just did.

Kerri said...

You have had a heck of a time lately! I'm so sorry. I really hope you can figure out what is wrong and get feeling better soon. Great job on your dance by the way!

Shangrila said...

Oh! Hope you're able to contact your teacher! I've given you the Lemonade Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up! :)

A Happy Heart Blog said...

So sorry about all your distress over your illness. I hope things are on the upward swing health wise - it must be hard, especially during your finals - yikes! Your routine was really good - loved it! Take care and get better soon!

Kristin said...

Have you tried to contact the dept. head? I really hope things get better for you soon!

Steph. said...

I read the post above. I'm so glad you are feeling better and that you will be able to get back into your normal routine soon. =)

Chat with you later!!