Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Favorites - #9

Though numerous things have helped me get through the week (such as this post here from Amy at "Our Daily Blessing...Life" and a wonderful email from Stacy at "My Cancer Scoreboard") the biggest thing that's helped me get through this week along with all of the others is my mom.

I was very lucky to be given the chance to move back home with my parents while attending my current college when only a few months prior, my mom was excited to have the house (a new house too!) to herself for only the second time in over 20 years. She had the house without us kids for a few months before my sister and I both moved back home for the time being before heading off on our next adventures.

She devotes her life to her family and is amazing at holding the family together.

Everyday I am in awe of her ability to be as incredible of a person as she is through her life, love and spirit. She's an amazing artist, writer, listener and friend and I'm so glad I can call her mine.

(from left- me, my mom and my sister)

I hope you all have had a great week and have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


Cynthia said...

Great Post Krissy! Love the picture.

Kele said...

Krissy, such a sweet post, your Mom is lucky!
BTW, I love that you now have pic of you on your about me page, how lovely you are!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a lovely tribute and I hope you're feeling better!

Kerri said...

I've been so out of the loop in bloggyland and have just read your last 6 or 7 posts! I'm sorry you're having so many health problems and I really hope they can figure it all out soon for you.

My Cancer Scoreboard said...

Tnx so mch for the mention sorry I've been off the planet this week felt pretty rough - i hope to catch up soon