Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #8 - Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap Style

My wonderful and amazing Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap package arrived today! Thank you Eva (from Daily Dose of Diva)!!

I've decided to show off my package by tying it in with my Thursday 13 for this week.

These are the 13 (really super amazing) things I got!

1. Giant Sidewalk Chalk 
(In a week or two there's going to be this huge sidewalk chalk artist event, I know I'm not as good as they are but I can still play with this in my backyard!)

2. Confetti (The butterflies, bumble bees and ladybugs are adorable!)

3. Poppy and Sunflower seed pellets

4. Flip Flop Notepads and Playing Cards

5. Bubbles
(These bubbles work really well too! haha!)

6. A Really Sparkly Tiara (It's true-it's exactly what every girl needs!)

7. A Bag With Rhinestones

8. A Candle Hanger 
(The picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful it is!)
9. A Gardenia Scented Candle 
(which smells amazing and made the entire package smell as soon as I opened it!)

10. Flip Flop Lights
(That will be hanging over my window very soon!)

11. Chocolates

12. A Garden Flag
(Already looking for a spot to hang it!)

13. A Quartz Crystal Necklace 
(That I'm wearing right now-and how did you know how much I love crystals and have collected them for years!?)

This package was AMAZING - Thank you soo soo much it made  my day!! I can't wait to see if you like yours!


Mamarazzi said...

fabulous! i love Eva look at all that fun stuff! and i agree with the tiara thing, everyone needs one!

Ya know, these swaps are a LOT of work, but I love when people receive their packages and love what they get. Just knowing that over 100 women all over the United States are receiving packages of awesomeness this week thrills me!! Not to mention the bloggy friendships that are forming, it's just way too cool!

I am deciding between a Red, White & Blue Swap or another Favorite Things Swap for the end of June...did you vote? There is a poll on my sidebar!

Kelli said...

What cute stuff! :D

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

What a fun swap package!

Divaeva said...

*laughs* very very cool I am glad you liked it - notice that you only received 2 chocolates - I bought about 15...but as they are one of my favorite things - only 2 made it to you by the time I mailed the package!

Divaeva said...
THANK YOU! I love everything! It seems like we like many of the same things! Buring the incense as I smells great! My next trip to CA to visit my mom we willhave to get together and hit a vineyard! Thanks again! :)

Rachel Lundy said...

What a FUN package!!!

McMrs said...

WOW! You got some awesome stuff!!


Man you got some great stuff!