Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Halfway Through My First Week of School (and my fishy's sick)

Two first days down, one to go! I've had my Mon./Wed. English class, my Tues./Thurs. Acting/Playwriting class and my Tues. History class. The last "first day class" I have is tomorrow and it's a Child Development class.

Tonight I came home to one of my betta fish lying on it's side at the top of the tank with its belly swollen. After a quick bowl change, I looked online. It could be one of two things, Dropsy of Swim Bladder Disorder. My fish doesn't have all the symptoms of Dropsy like it does of the latter which I'm thankful for. I'm hoping it's the Swim Bladder as that's just really constipation and requires 48 hours of fasting followed by a bite of a cooked, peeled green pea. (Don't ask me!) While Dropsy is fatal disease where the fish dies in a week or two.

I'm hoping my poor little fishy will be back to normal in a couple days!

More to update on later but I've got a way to early English class in the morning (as it is, the most sleep I could get tonight would be 7 hours) so I'm off to bed! Night!!


Divaeva said...

awww! Skittles (my beta) sends your beta healing energies!
Good luck with school!

phryGIAN said...

I'm so excited to hear from you
and so so glad that you have a blog too
I look forward to reading it
: ]

Cynthia said...

I hope you are enjoying your classes. Also hop that your little fish gets feeling better soon.