Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Miracle If There Ever Was One

-Jaycee Lee Dugard-

Pulled into a car and abducted in 1991 while walking to the bus stop 18 years ago, Jaycee Lee has now reappeard alive.

It's because of Jaycee that I learned self defense in middle school.
All of my friends and the entire town (South Tahoe, CA) are now elated and feeling incredibly thankful.

I have mixed feelings on the subject. I'm incredibly thankful that she's been found but I'm a bit disturbed that as the kidnapper was a registered sex offender and that she was hidden in the backyard for the past 18 years yet no one knew.
It's said that the man (kidnapper) was passing out pamphlets on the UC Berkeley campus (where my sister attends) on Tuesday with 2 girls, 11 and 15. The campus police officer thought he was acting suspicious and looked up his profile and found out he'd previously been in prison (even for a while during the time he had Jaycee) so the officer called his parole officer. His parole officer called him in the next day.

So here's what confuses me..
He showed up at the parole office with the 2 girls(who were his and born to Jaycee-which means Jaycee had to be around 15 at the time of the first child's birth), his wife and Jaycee (introduced under the cover name of Alissa who is now 29 years old).

Why would he suddenly decide to bring her out of hiding for the first time in 18 years..especially since it was to his parole officer who wasn't aware of the existence of Jaycee or the two girls (all of whom who didn't ever attend school or go to the doctor).

Also, what about the woman who the man(kidnapper) rented a piece of land for his buisness from? In the interview with her, she said she knew he had the two younger kids but he'd said he homeschooled them and went to church in their basement making their family alone a congregation that he led.
Didn't anything he said sound strange to her?

Third, the neighbors. They knew strange things were going on and one woman even said she encountered the youngest girl (who had "blond hair, blue eyes and really pale skin with frekkels" while the seen "mother" was not caucasion at all) who told her she had two older sisters, one was 28 who both lived with her (yet hadn't been seen).
If they knew he was a registered sex offender and knew he'd been in prison for 11 years for raping a woman and they thought there was something weird going on, why did no one report anything?

Finally, I keep hearing how glad people in Tahoe are glad she's happy and healthy. Even if she's smiling, there's going to be some incredible psychological (if not physical as well) damage for both her and her two kids. I mean she's been kidnapped, raped (at least 2 obvious times), and stuffed away in sheds for 18 years.

I don't know, while this case proves that you should never give up hope and I'm incredibly glad that Jaycee has finally been reunited with her family..the case is just incredibly unsettling to me.

Welcome Home Jaycee.

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