Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Amazing Day at the pumpkin patch today! We came away with 2 large pumpkins, 1 tiny pumpkin and 4 mini-pumpkins for 16 dollars!
Although we did go into a HUGE corn maze (I'm talking like 4 acres huge!) and get lost for an hour!
We never even made it to the end, we ended up cutting through some rows of corn and finding the entrance again! It was huge!!
We got to know the other people exploring the corn maze as well because with for huge spots where 6 paths met throughout the maze, we (lost as we all were!) ran across each other quite often!

The Pumpkin Patch

The Corn Maze

The Farm Animals

I can't wait to carve the beautiful pumpkins we came home with!!



love lives in the kitchen said...

i simply love your pictures!!! i'm follwing you now!
wish you a great day,

Kelly said...

wow- I got two pumpkins for that price yesterday, I need to come to your place!

Steph said...

I think everyone went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. I'll be posting my pictures tomorrow. I love Fall!

...stopping by from SITS...

Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

Divaeva said...

*smiles* don;t you just love these silly gordes? Have fun with them!

Tricia said...

Your pictures are really good. Glad you had fun!

Beth P. said...

Good morning - Happy Monday. Stopping by from SITS and wanted to say that your pictures from your pumpkin picking adventures are great! Glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

oh, how fun! I may have to get the boys and hubby out this year to the pumpkin patch.

Visiting from SITs roll call. Have a happy day!

The Redhead Riter said...

I'm sure the animals smelled so good too...LOL