Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Revisited!

I started off the day with Mod Podge!
I made this for a total of $3! I'm pretty happy with it! Now I just have to pick the perfect picture for it. =]

While watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I was busy cutting out virtual snowflakes!
So much fun and no mess!!

My mom was busy in the kitchen all day....

...with a sweet friend always near by and hoping mom'd drop something that mom managed to trip over 7 or 8 times...

Mmmm stuffing!

I even made a pumpkin pie that turned out amazing! (If I do say so myself!)

Sitting down to eat!

Sooo good!
This is the second year that my mom's gone completely allergen free for Thanksgiving for me! That's right! Everything you see (the pie included!) is dairy free, soy free, nut free, egg free, carrageenan free, and is almost completely fat free!!
Though all the recipients that ate this meal agreed that this version is SOO much better, full of taste, no Thanksgiving hangover and guilt free!
Not just that but the table was surrounded by my mom, dad and sister-what could be better than that!?

My mom, sister and I then hit the black friday deals (we were on the road by 5am)! It was amazing how empty the stores were compared to previous years! Well we came away saving hundreds of dollars (I have become a master at coupon clipping and being thrifty!)

We also pulled out all of the holiday "stuff" and started decorating! I'm in charge of the outside of the house (which in the front yard is now almost done and is all lit up!) and part of the inside (which is almost done). The main thing left to do is to get the tree!
I'll post pictures when it's all done-just know that we go all out!!

Have you gotten the "stuff" out yet? Do you decorate for the holidays?

Hope your nice long weekend was wonderful!!
Happy Thanksgiving!



Tricia said...

I try to get the decorations out the day after Thanksgiving. It seldom happens that way. This year, I managed to rearrange the living room and pack away all the stuff that sits out the rest of the year, but haven't gotten any of the decorations out yet. Still, it is better than last year. :)

Dwyn said...

I'm not much of a holiday decorator, though this will be my first holiday season living with roommates [I don't really count last year, I barely ever saw any of them] so we might. For sure I'll be putting out my menorah but that might be it for me this year. I think I spend more of my time on making holiday related food. More fun for me than decorating!

JC said...

We got the tree put up yesterday. Fun, fun! Glad you had a nice turkey day!

Teapots & Robots said...

love your blog!
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Thanks again!
Teapots and Robots

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Cute frame and the food looks great!

I love Christmas decorating, but I only do the inside! Not sure why...maybe I need to get some outside stuff and go all out this year!

Cynthia said...

Love my Christmas exchange gifts. You are so thoughtful and creative. Thank you.