Monday, June 15, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday -#3

So this Friend Makin' Monday the topic is confessions. Head on over to Kasey's to see what everyone confessed!
You ready? Here are mine:

1. I have emetophobia
For those still trying to pronounce the word, that's a phobia (fear) of throwing up. Not just myself doing it but anyone or anything that has to do with the sight, smell, taste, sound. idea or even memory of it. And I'm not only afraid of it, I literally freak out! I have been known to have full on panic attacks surrounding it. I don't remember going a day (even when I was really young) without the fear being there. I'm also a lot better about it then I used to be-I used to go on full alert when someone simply said the words.

2. I want to work in a pediatric oncology ward in spite of having emetophobia.
Heh, I'm still working out the logistics on this one...

3. Speaking of fear-I'm afraid of fires.
I'm not afraid of candles or even fires in the fireplace but I'm incredibly afraid of house and wildfires. The first memory I can remember based around this was when a classmate's house burned down. My house was the next in line to be evacuated and many of my friends lost their homes to the Angora Fire in Lake Tahoe in 2007 which lasted from June 24th to July 2nd.

4. I once had a pair of mating dragonflies land on me.
I was camping one year when I was out swimming and two dragonflies landed on my arm. I took me a minute to figure out why they were connected together the way they were!

5. I love planning more than the reality of doing things.
I love to make extensive plans about everything, from exercise scheduling to organizing a room, but I have a hard time following through with them. I'll often end up at the results I want but I never get there the way I planned.

6. I love campfires. 
I started going to summer camps from the time I was a year old. I went to summer camps up until the time I was 13 when I started working at them. I know a hundred or so camp songs and love singing them at the top of my lungs while roasting marshmallows around a fire for the delicious and very gooey S'mores.

7. I have many favorites.
Some may call me indecisive but I can't pick favorites. My favorite color, song, movie, number and shirt change from day to day and often many times in a day.

8. I am awful about phone calls.
I don't know what it is but I have rarely pick up the phone to call people. If it's in an email it feels like a lot less work (as impersonal as it is).

9. I don't think I will ever be able to dye my hair.
I have a couple natural blonde streaks in my hair that I love and would be sad without them.
10. I spend way too much time online in blog-land.
'Nuff said. =]

What are your confessions?


Erica said...

I am with you with phone calls I am the worst with keeping in touch that way I avoid answering or calling but I will however text and email to no end. :)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I dont usually pick up the phone and call someone.. unless I am in the car.. I know bad me driving while on the phone!

Emily said...

Great list! I totally hate throwing up fact, when I was in college I would barely drink and steered clear of others drinking heavily so I wouldn't chance being around it! Amazingly enough I got over it when I had kids! lol. Happy FMM!

Kristen Marie said...

OH yes! Throwing up is the best! Once you are a mom, its just a given that your child will turn to you instead of a toilet to throw up in! Oh fun times! Thanks for stopping in at my blog!!

Spin Mama said...

7 is awesome. I think you can have both rotating favorites and simultaneous favorites.

Kelli said...

There's a name for it! I have #1 too. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

Kelly said...

Haha, I totally love planning more than the event itself 99 percent of the time! Even with fun stuff!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok, I'm laughing about the eme-whatever-phobia thing, AND you want to work in pediatric oncolgy...good luck!

I am so indecisive too, my hubster can't stand it!

I am so against phone calls too, don't know why but I hate talking on the phone, it's just a waste of time, emailing on the other hand...not a waste of time.

makes perfect sense right?

Kasey said...

You and my husband should meet...he just spent about 6 months planning our vacation this summer. I'm talking watched tv shows about the places we're going, tv shows about places to eat, library books, he has typed up a plan of the vacation that is more like a book! I'm concerned we might be over booked on this one! granted we will be gone a month but come on!