Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -#12

My poppies from Eva have started sprouting!!


Tanielle said...

Love that pot!!!! It is gorgeous!!!

What did you think of the show? SYTYCD.. I am starting to really love Kayla. I think it's a great group of dancers!!! I look forward to it all week, how sad!?:-)

Gorgeous pic of the bridge by the way!!! You are amazing!

Divaeva said...

I <3 poppies! They are going to look awesome in that pretty pot! hmmm...that reminds me I have some to plant too...will get that done tonight while the sun is out!

Kristen Marie said...

woohoo poppies!

Cynthia said...

Love the picture of your poppies sprouting. I can't wait to see the progression of pictures!