Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Favorites - #5

Friday has come again! Time for giving credit to the things that have gotten me through this week. This week's Friday Favorites include..

Favorite Post- 
BlogBaby's post Two Piggies [Too cute!!]

Teen Group -
I have recently started to go to a group at my church that gathers some of the few people my age. [Most of the people at the church are over 40 or so.] Through that I have begun to reach out and am finally starting towards making friends in my area.

My Doctors and My Mom- 
In the past 2 months alone I've had more 15 doctor appointments with numerous different doctors. I've seen everyone from my primary doctor to other adult medicine doctors, a TMJ doctor, a gastroenterologist, an opthamologist and 2 different neurologists. Thats all since the beginning of February.
I am really thankful for my doctors and the amount of hard work they're continually doing for me. And my mom for being my amazing medical health advocate as she has been for all these years of my medical mysteries [and for just being so downright amazing].
[So far I've been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome [POTS], Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS] and Chronic Pain Disease. Also my 13 month long battle with a Staph Infection [So glad it's done with!] ]

I had my MRI and MRV today and am hoping for conclusive results but for now I am thankful for my doctors and my mom for never giving up on me.

Okay so I know I'm becoming a broken record but this weather has been amazing! Sunny and 70 degrees -- beautiful.

The Blogosphere-
I love love love this universe of amazing people and amazing blogs. I spend so much time on here and I know I will always walk away inspired and having had a good laugh.

My Modern Dance Class-
I have always loved to dance. It's such a wonderful form of expression. And there's no better form of therapy than to throw all of your emotions into movement and create something beautiful with it. This semester I started taking modern and have found it to be one of the most rewarding choices I've ever made. When there's nothing but your bare feet, the floor and the music -- Life is good.

I hope your week's gone well and you relax and enjoy this beautiful weekend!


Tanielle said...

I hope you get the answers you need. You're a tough gal, to have gone to soo many appointments, not feel well, and deal with Doctors. You are awesome!

I love dance...there is nothing better to relieve stress, and get out frustrations! I took Irish step dance for a few years. During my divorce it was very helpful to pound the heck out of the floor!LOL I am jealous, I just need to get back in shape, and I will take some "me" time and dance again!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great things to be thankful for!!!

I hope that you get resolution on your health issues. I know how frustratating that is.

You are positive and that always helps!

visiting from SITS

jmt said...

Hi, I'm stopping over from SITS roll call. The reinforcement I get when I read everyone's Friday Faves and thankful thoughts is really helpful. So thank you. :) I really hope that you continue to enjoy the sunshine and weather - nothing does the spirit better than THAT. In my opinion. Whatever is wearing on your mind....turning your face up to the sun and closing your eyes seems to make everything lighter. Happy Sunday.

Rachel Lundy said...

Woah, you have POTS?! Me too! I've read on your blog a few times before but never realized that you had health problems. I must have missed it.

I feel so much more of a connection to you now, even though you're a "stranger" in blog land. I can defintely empathize with you as you go through college with POTS. I've been there.

I've had POTS since I was about 14. I have several other diagnoses now to go along with it, as I see you do too. If you ever want to chat, feel free to send me an email. If you're new to the POTS/dysautonomia world I'd be happy to share some information and support forums with you if you are interested in that sort of thing.

I hope that the MRI and MRV give some answers about what is causing your migraines.