Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wine Tasting

Saturday's weather was so perfect that my parents and I decided to take a leisurely drive through the vineyards. We stopped at the beautiful Cellar No. 8 winery and my parents did a wine tasting. 

I also had to share a couple of pictures of the incredible orchid I got from Trader Joe's!

Hope your weekend was amazing!


Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Sound like fun... and what a beautiful flower.

Tanielle said...

Gorgeous pics!! What kind of camera do you use?

One Bite At A Time said...

I envy you! The photos are gorgeous! I got my package this weekend- thank you so much!

Rachel Lundy said...

Beautiful pictures. I love orchids. If I wasn't afraid that I'd kill them, I'd try to keep an orchid plant in my house!