Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day! and Thursday Thirteen #6

Happy Earth Day!

I have decided to post my Thursday Thirteen today instead of tomorrow and bring you

13 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

1. Reuse shopping bags
This is becoming easier and easier. Almost every store is selling reusable shopping bags these days for a mere 99 cents. It pays off! For those of you who forget them in the car, consider investing in a couple of the bags like these that are so tiny and light you can leave them in your purse. You can also reuse the bags they give you for free!

2. Cut your dryer sheets in half
You get double the loads of laundry done for the same amount of softening effect and half the waste.

3. Reclaim your mailbox
Every day our mailbox is filled with junk mail. The average adult gets 41 pounds of junk mail each year alone! Think of all the trees and all the space in landfills that could be saved [not to mention how much less work it is to have to sort through it] if we stopped receiving it. Sign up at here to do just that. They contact direct marketers for you and get rid of up to 95% of your junk mail. In 5 years you will have helped save 1.7 trees and 700 gallons of water!

4. Walk/carpool to school
If you live close enough walk and if not, carpool to work or school a couple of times a week. 
If that's not an option, instead of driving out to lunch, bring it from home or find someplace nearby that's within walking distance, invite a coworker to join you, you may just make a new friend!

5. Buy recycled
Many stores are now carrying products [such as paper, notebooks, etc.] that are recycled at the same price as the products made from new materials.

6. Reuse water bottles
Water bottles are quickly filling our landfills. After you finish drinking out of a water bottle, refill it. I have a Nalgene plastic water bottle I use everyday that I love. Take the pledge to at here.

7. Reuse food containers
The turkey we buy comes in Gladware tubs. Why throw them out when they can be used for storing leftovers in the fridge?

8. Share your wealth
My neighbors and I love Costco and go fairly often. When you're headed out to a store, mention it to a neighbor and see if you can save them a trip. Or if you're buying in bulk and get more then you need, ask if a friend or neighbor could use it.

9. Clean Green
Do you know what's in the product you're using to clean your house? Many "Green" cleaners are now available. If you're wanting to make you're own, 1 part vinegar and four parts water is a healthy household cleaner.

11. Donate
We all have clothes/things that we [or people in your family] don't use anymore. Instead of just throwing the stuff out, take it to your local donation spot. Many places you'll offer  a tax break for donating as well!

12. Buy used
Buying used helps eliminate incredible amounts of waste and saves money as well! Some of the best things I've found have been from thrift stores!

13. Eat your own
How much fun would it be to know that the fruits and vegetables you were eating came from your own backyard? I really hope to plant a row of grapes [and my mom wants a Meyers lemon tree].

I hope you take the time to appreciate the natural beauty around you and you enjoyed the celebration of this wonderful Earth today!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Remember that everyday is Earth Day!


Jingle said...

This is a fantastic post! Check out my blog today!!! :-)

Tanielle said...

Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing! You are adorable!

Alice Audrey said...

Reading this list makes me feel very green even without trying. We could do a little more bicycling in place of driving, but otherwise we're green.

My expressions LIVE said...

Great reminders..xoxox

Deena said...

Fantastic Thursday 13! We never use plastic bags anymore now that our local Sobey's offers the reusable bags *for life*. In other words, if a bag you bought there gets ripped or wears out, you turn it in for a new one FREE. It's awesome.

Jen said...

Catalog Choice is another site that lets you cancel junk mail catalogs. I've gotten decent results, not great. I'm going to try 41pounds!

Kimmie said...

I do several things on this list but never thought of myself as "green" but I guess I am!!! :)

My T13

Nicholas said...

I have a large collection of reusable shopping bags. About 20 so far, all from different stores.

The Bumbles said...

Down with Junk Mail!!!