Monday, March 2, 2009

3 kids.

My sister and I were chatting tonight and the subject of miscarriages came up. I'd known that my mom had had a miscarriage before she became pregnant with my older sister but tonight my mom told us that she'd also had a miscarriage after my sister was born. The baby miscarried at only 5 weeks or so. I mentioned that the possibility that we could have potentially had another brother or sister was interesting. My mom said that actually, if that pregnancy had gone through they would have stopped as they only wanted two kids. It got me thinking about the idea that I may not be here if that pregnancy had lasted. I believe that the Universe, or God, terminated that pregnancy because I was meant to live, hopefully to accomplish something (unknown to me) by my being here. I hate to think that my mom had to got through that though. It's interesting that I had another older brother/sister (even if only for five weeks).

Something to ponder.

Lesson Learned: You learn something new everyday.

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Jennifer said...

Hmm, or perhaps it was you but you were too stubborn and not ready to come down to Earth yet :o)