Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Favorites - #4

Happy Friday!

My Friday Favorites this week are very exciting as yesterday we added two new members to our family. 

But First, my favorite post..
Big Box 2.0 - Nothing beats the excitement of opening a package... though this package is special, as it costs a few thousand dollars and it lets an adorable 9-year-old easily communicate with the outside world.. and it's Hot Pink!

So onto our now bigger family...My mom saw these beautiful canaries in the pet store back in February when we were looking to get me fish. She has wanted one since and because the one she wanted needed a friend [haha, of course!] we ended up with two! As of yesterday, two adorable canaries now reside as the newest members of our family.
[I apologize for the not so great shots, I had to stick the lens in the hole of the birdcage and try to snap it quickly as they don't sit still for long.]

Meet Monet and Thiebauld [pronounced T-bow] after my mom's two favorite artists.



They've quickly become friends.

Just for the record, we officially have a zoo. Two cats, two fish, two birds and a dog.

I've also decided to post pictures of my two fish as I realized I havn't done that yet. 
This is Aphrodite [named after the Greek goddess of love] and Juno [named after the Roman goddess of woman in marriage, who the Romans created Valentine's day in honor of]. 


[I love his little red fin. (Which can be seen if you click on the picture to enlarge it)]

Hope your week was filled with good times!


Carma Sez said...

wow! you've got quite a menagerie. Stopping by to check out your friday faves.

Unknown said...

Ooh- I love your button! You have really colorful fish- our fish is kind of muddled looking!