Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Banner compliments of  Samulli

Thirteen Things That Make Me Smile

1. My pets 
I have two cats, a dog [and for those of you who've asked, she's a Wheaton Terrier] and two betta [a red one named Aphrodite and a blue one named Juno-I got them for Valentine's Day].

2. Music
Music is an amazing thing. It has a huge ability to influence my mood. I love everything from country to hip hop and R&B [not a big fan of rap though]. I also love alternative music and little known artists. 
One artist that makes me happy is Julia Nunes, she's amazing on the ukulele.
[This is also a cool stop motion video.]

3. Butterflies and Rainbows
To me a butterfly represents a creature that begins small and is passed by without notice that then goes through much work and many struggles to become a beautiful thing and shows great strength.
A rainbow is something that can be seen but not touched. It's something that you can never reach the beginning or the end of. Most of all it's something that only shows it's true beauty after going through the rain.
To me they represent optimism. They represent that we go through many struggles, conflicts and hard times in our lives so that we are able to let our inner beauty shine through.

4. Wishes
I don't know why but since I was young, I've always loved making wishes. Every night I wish on the first star I see. I make wishes on loads of hay, my necklace when the clasp falls in front, birthday candles and dandelions [as long as they're not in my yard].

5. The Internet
Since I'm living in a new place and my friends are in so many places all over the country, the internet has allowed me to stay connected. 

6. Laughter
I've always believed that laughter [while infectious] is the best medicine. 

7. Books
Reading is by far one of my favorite pastimes. I love to escape into a world created by someone else's imagination. I also love to have the chance to see out how each character created approaches situations in such different ways. It's amazing how much you can find out about a person through their writing. Currently my favorite author [and for the last few years] is Torey Hayden.

8. Children with Developmental Disabilities
I love kids an immense amount. I've dedicated myself to working with them for more than half of my life. But there's something about kids with developmental disabilities. They seem to have a way to love so unconditionally that no words can describe. It's something that can only be understood once you've been on the receiving end of it. And who can resist the smile of a child?

9. Disney
So Disney is one of my guilty pleasures. I get the chance to have my fill of the music when teaching dance to kids. I love the positive messages that the company [through, their music and movies] send to children. Okay so the Happily Ever After idea is nice too..

10. Dancing
I've been dancing since I could walk. My first time dancing on stage was when I was two and a half in the Queen of Heart's Dance in Alice in Wonderland. 
I've done tap, jazz, hip-hop, musical theater, irish, modern and ballet in the past. My personal favorites are modern and tap. 
Dancing is an incredible rush that I've found from nothing else. Its when I'm dancing that I feel most at peace.

11. Rain
My favorite weather is when the rain is pouring down. I love nighttime storms where the only sound heard is the pounding of the rain. It's also nice to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a nice cup of hot tea and a nice warm fire in the fireplace. 

12. Photography
My camera is literally always within an arms reach. I love turning all the settings on manual and just playing with the outcomes until I am satisfied [which doesn't always happen, heh]
I also love to use film when I get the pleasure to develop my negatives and play around in the dark room. I can spend hours on end in the red room sitting with my work.

13. Holidays
I love holidays. Or rather I love celebrating. I go all out on every holiday just for the sake of the celebration!


Amy said...

Come by my blog, I have a surprise for you! :D

Unknown said...

Awesome list. Your TT is very inspirational and upbeat.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love dancing and reading too! It's amazing where a good book can take you!

Anonymous said...

What a great list! I was once lucky enough to live in a very rainy climate and have a skylight over the bed. I hope you get to experience that someday. I think you'd love it! (if you haven't already :))