Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Thing After Another...

I don't usually ask for prayer requests but I just found out my mom's best friend's daughter-in-law (of sorts) just had had her house burn down. 

This is only a few weeks after her husband died of ALS (he was 39 and was in perfect health this time last year).

She was in Mexico at the time so her three cats were in the house. 

The outfitted van for her husband that she had was being taken care of by her father-in-law and it had been stolen a week before.

While the garage survived, the house was burnt completely to the ground. All that was salvaged was her wedding ring and her husband's ashes, both that were found in the house's ashes.

She doesn't have much of a support system and is not doing well.  The house was also being rented so she's not insured for anything. 

So please, If you could send prayers, healing energy, good thoughts, anything, that would be wonderful.