Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Best Wordless Wednesday Morning


I've decided to do "My Best Shot Monday" way early Wednesday morning as Monday night [last night] I was in the ER and I have not had the energy to post anything since then. [I've also been so loopy that I don't think it would have been possible..heh] 

So here's a quick mix of "My Best Shot Monday" and "Wordless Wednesday".

Have a good night!


Kerri said...

Krissy, You didn't tell us why you were inteh ER. Are you okay? I certainly hope so! Let us know what happened!

Whitney said...

Hope everything is ok!

Tanielle said...

If this is a second comment I'm sorry, but the first time it went all strange on me!

Hope all is o.k.!! What happened?

I love your pics they are sooooo gorgeous!!!! They look so warm and awesome.

Have a good day, and hope all is o.k.