Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 
Here's my favorite things that got me through this week. 

Favorite Post:

Favorite Recipe:

Television Show:

The reunion show this week was a great wrap-up of this season's Top Chef. Though I have to say that I was really disappointed that Carla didn't win. Hootie Hoo!

It's been absolutely beautiful weather this week! It's been raining on and off. The sound of the rain and the sunshine has made nothing but smiles from me!
The cats have not been enjoying the rain and being stuck in the garage but the now sunny skies have made up for it.

Quick Mail-
About a year ago, when I was in England, I bought a Swaravski crystal necklace. It became my favorite and I wore it almost everyday. Last fall, I was preforming with a group of people and I left the necklace behind at the hotel so I've been without it for numerous months. I recently looked online and was able to find one that was almost exactly the same! The same color and just a slightly different teardrop shape, I ordered it a couple of days ago and it already arrived!

Last but not least, today is the first day of my spring break! Although I'd much rather have had it later in the semester [instead of having 2 months full of breaks and then 2 and a half months with none] but it's a break so I'll take it! 

Have an incredible weekend!!

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Unknown said...

I loved your favorites. Five is such a great post,and I might have to try making that bread. Thanks for playing along!

Have a good spring break!