Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Favorites - #2

The week has once again come to a close. Why is it that when you have time off it always seems to go by so much faster? 

The things that got me through this week...

Favorite Post:
Ambush My Heart at Fighting Monsters With Rubber Swards

Television Show: 

With The Biggest Loser, I don't know what it is but I always come away feeling really inspired after the show. I also love watching how Jillian works the contestants. [Not a fan of Bob.] I'm rooting for Tara and Mike right now, I lost a lot of  the respect I had for Felipe and Sione after what they did this week. 
I was really impressed when Mandi stepped up and agreed to go home so her sister could stay.

Dancing With the Stars, aired once again this week. I love watching the the transformations of the celebrities as they learn the dances. I give great props to the girl who only had 48 hours to prepare after another contestant had to drop out due to injury. She danced amazingly too!
I'm a huge fan of Shawn Johnson and Julianne Hough.

My Lifesavers:
Raspberry flavored Emergen-C

I've come down with a really nasty cold this week. I love Vic's and Emergen-C so much!!

*On a side note, an amazing way to get rid of a fever - rub Vic's on the bottoms of your feet and put white socks on before bed. They have to be white so the dye doesn't counteract it. [No idea why, I just know it works!] It's amazing how much better you'll feel in the morning!*

The Sits girls were at it again this week! The Spring Fling was a huge success with hundreds of giveaways! So much fun!

Happy Friday!


Lucy said...

Hi, I found you from Janna Bee's Friday Favorites.

Really enjoyed your favorites. I haven't watched those two shows in a while. I use to and I did enjoy them I will probably catch Biggest Loser on Bravo, it is soo inspiring.

Love your music on your blog!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the biggest looser!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying those kind words.

Anonymous said...

Vics on the feet? I never heard of that one before and I thought my Mother knew all the ins and outs with that product. LOL

Have a good week.